Sizing yourself for a Kilt

Welcome to the page that describes how to properly fit yourself for a Kilt fit for a Peacock!  

Few things to take into account before ordering.  First This is a custom built garment and as such, your size in jeans or other Kilts... are wrong.  Yea, we know...  But jeans companies lie, and other companies....are other companies.  So, follow our instructions and we will get you a properly fitted top shelf custom fit. 


First things first.  

Please find or use a soft tape measure. If you do not have one, they could be found for a few bucks at many locations: Joann's Fabric, Hobby Town, Walmart... any retail establishment selling fabric.  Most larger grocery stores have them too. 

soft tape measure

Next,  the first measurement.  

 At the widest part of your stomach, usually just above your belly button, take a measurement.  A few things to take into account:  first note how snug the tape is.  This is the proper way to do this; do not suck in or flex.  It is highly recommended to have a partner assist you in this process. Note the "Muffin" top, this will vary depending on your build.  But it is essential in your measuring process as weight loss due to sweating from wearing a kilt all day, this can result in several inches variation around your waist. Kilts are heavy, you need a proper fit to have it ride right and it will, with the proper measurement.  Models right index finger is pointing to his navel, the tape is just above it. (In this example: he is a 48. Rounding down nearest 1/2 inch) (Note: he is a 40 pant size. Jean's companies....lie.)

Waist Measurment

Hip Measurement 

About 8" down from the spot / line you measured at, should be the widest point on your hips.  This is more or less true for individuals 5'5" to 6'5".  Measure again, pulling snug but it is not necessary to pull as tight as the waist.  Snug.  

Overall Length 

This measurement is as critical as your waist measurement.  I do not want you looking like you're wearing a mini skirt.  Measuring from the line at your belly button to middle of your kneecap.  You should be standing straight up and down.  


Once the Order is placed....

We will contact you to verify your measurements.   If you could have two photos of yourself, one head on and profile.  Wearing tight (ish, Swim trunks and tight tee are cool) clothing from a RECENT photo. While most people fall into normal ratio's, there is some variation and I can take that into account and give you a great fit.  In order to do this, I need an accurate photos. Thank you for your cooperation.  


 Link to: Sizing Form