Argyle Vest


This Argyle Vest is the Universal Tool for Pipe Bands.  The Argyle Vest can be worn separately in Solo Competitions or Dressing Up your Kilt. It can be worn in combination with Prince Charlie or Argyle Jackets as a accent.  At $75 it is a steal,  High quality construction. Wool Barathea front and back with Satin lining. 5 Celtic button closure. Two working external pockets. 

Sizes listed are true measurements. For example if your chest is 42 inches around, and you order a 42 inch vest it will be skin tight. So we recommend you order the next size up. Also if your abdomen is bigger around then your chest we recommend you order based off your abdomen measurement.

Allow 6 weeks delivery


  • 36-58

  • Short, Regular, Long & XX Long