Glengarry Hackle, Flat Feather


The hackle is a clipped feather plume that is attached to a military head dress.

In the British Army and the armies of some Commonwealth countries the hackle is worn by some infantry regiments, especially those designated as fusilier regiments and those with Scottish and Northern Irish origins. The colour of the hackle varies from regiment to regiment.

The modern hackle has its origins in a much longer plume, originally referred to by its Scots name, 'heckle', which was commonly attached to the feather bonnet worn by Highland regiments (now usually only worn by drummers, pipers and bandsmen). The smaller version originated in a regimental emblem adopted by the 42 Royal Highland Regiment to be worn in the sun helmet issued in hot-weather postings from the 1870s.

Total length from base of loop to tip of feather pressed flat approx 4" - 4 1/2" 
Hand made from goose coquille feathers.

Link to:Feather Colors of Military

Standard colors are Red, Bright Red, White, Bottle Green, Emerald Green, Purple, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Yellow and Black.

Other colors available by request. For larger orders your own color can be dyed. Please contact us for more information