Scottish Dirk, Genuine Antler with Damascus Blade


Genuine Antler Damascus Dirk. The Handle is made from Deer Antler and the Blade made in Sheffield,UK. The blade is pattern welded or Damascus style steel. 

"Damascus Steel has been used since Medieval times by sword makers for it's legendary sharpness and is in fact the steel that Samurai Swords were made from. If you look closely at the beautiful grain on the blade, you'll see it's mesmerizing and unmistakable 'Damascus' effect which gives the blade exceptional hardness and durability. Production of Damascus steel begins with 'Pattern Welding' which consists of two carbon type steels (one low carbon and one high carbon) being welded together. This piece of joined steel is then heated, folded, and re-forged. This process is then repeated until the required specification is reached. As each layer is folded, it is yet again flattened under a high heat."- Sheffield Steel

Antler is harvested from naturally shed antlers in the late fall from deer and elk living on preserves. 

All Antler products are Natural and Vary. 

Please select Brown or Black Sheath