Horse Hair Sporran, Queens Own Highlanders Hair Sporran


Made from a "New Old" Cantle originally made for the Queens Own Highlanders. This cantle has been mounted on a new horse hair body and pouch.

The Cantle is Hand Engraved Brass with Sterling Silver Motifs, with Brass Cones decorated with Thistle Knot work as well.

High quality handmade sporran with black and white horse hair, with a real leather pouch.

The sporran interior also features a credit card slot, cash pocket, and snap on key ring.

Made in Scotland by Margaret Morrison
• Small 32-36 5 Adjustment holes
• Medium 32-42 9 Adjustment holes
• Large 34-46 10 Adjustment holes
• XL 42-51 10 Adjustment holes
• XX 48-58 10 Adjustment holes
• XXX 56-64 10 Adjustment Holes