Kilt Sporran, Rampant Lion Fur Formal Sporran


The Rampant Lion Bovine Sporran has a brushed finish cantle for a antique look. There are three tassels with bells with brushed finish and chains. The Bovine body and sides are made from high quality Scottish Leather.   You can see the attention to detail when this Sporran was made. 

Made in .Scotland

Sporran Strap Not Included.

Sporran Strap Sizing:
• Small 32-36 5 Adjustment holes
• Medium 32-42 9 Adjustment holes
• Large 34-46 10 Adjustment holes
• XL 42-51 10 Adjustment holes
• XX 48-58 10 Adjustment holes
• XXX 56-64 10 Adjustment Holes