Scottish American Millitary Society (SAMS): Commemorative Belted Crest Badge


Hand Cast 925 Sterling Silver Commemorative Scottish American Military Society (SAMS) Crest Cap Badge.

Measures: 2″ W X 2.5″H
Weight: 30 grams

Commissioned by SAMS Past National Commander, Tim Lally, This Scottish Style Belted Crest Badge was created exclusively to be worn by Scottish American Military Society Members.

Belt Reads: Scottish American Military Society.

Crest: Depicts a colonial frontiersman with rifle in remembrance of the Battle of Kings Mountain which Thomas Jefferson called it “The turn of the tide of success.” The battle of Kings Mountain, fought October 7th, 1780, was an important American victory during the Revolutionary War. The battle was the first major patriot victory to occur after the British invasion of Charleston, SC in May 1780.

During the American Revolution, Patriot irregulars under Colonel William Campbell defeat Tories under Major Patrick Ferguson at the Battle of King’s Mountain in South Carolina.

Major Ferguson’s Tory force, made up mostly of American Loyalists from South Carolina and elsewhere, was the western wing of General Lord Cornwallis’ North Carolina invasion force. One thousand American frontiersmen under Colonel Campbell of Virginia gathered in the back country to resist Ferguson’s advance. Pursued by the Patriots, Ferguson positioned his Tory force in defense of a rocky, treeless ridge named King’s Mountain. The Patriots charged the hillside multiple times, demonstrating lethal marksmanship against the surrounded Loyalists.

Unwilling to surrender to a “band of banditti,” Ferguson led a suicidal charge down the mountain and was cut down in a hail of bullets. After his death, some of his men tried to surrender, but they were slaughtered in cold blood by the frontiersmen, who were bitter over British excesses in the Carolinas. The Tories suffered 157 killed, 163 wounded, and 698 captured. Colonel Campbell’s force suffered just 28 killed and 60 wounded.

The Scottish American Military Society was founded as a veterans organization. The membership is composed primarily of veterans of Scottish ancestry who have served –– or are serving –– in the Armed Forces of the United States and the Commonwealth. If you support the purposes shown above, SAMS would welcome your membership if you qualify. Membership is open to honorably discharged veterans or active duty or reserve military persons who have served or are serving with any branch of the United States or Commonwealth Armed Forces. SAMS Website: