Blog # 21 How to wear Flashes Correctly part 2/2

How to Wear Flashes Part 2/2


Correct Flash Wearing

According to The Scottish Uniform Regulations page 56.  Are to be worn with the forward edge of the flash in line with the shin bone and the centre of the front diamond. The bottom of the flash is to be in line with the bottom of the second diamond. When wearing the 6 inch flash with Lovat hose only 2 inches of flash should be displayed below the bottom of the turn down. The forward edge of the flash is to run down the centre of the shin bone. The turn down on Lovat Hose should be 3 inches / four fingers width.


If you do not have Diamond Hose, Follow the rule of Forward Flash runs parallel to the shin bone. 

Many, individuals wear them to the outside of the leg, this is incorrect. 


the Sgian-Dubh is worn in the right leg just to the outside of the right side of the flash. 

correct Sgian Dubh


Link to: Sgian Dubh

Link to: Flashes 

June 21, 2016 — Sean Barrett


David John Biggart

David John Biggart said:

I thank you very much. Just the other day I called up our friend Craig Stevens asking this very question. I also wondered when and where it was appropriate to wear tartan flashes as opposed to solid color flashes and he very kindly answered that also.


Scottie said:


Preston Rose

Preston Rose said:


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