Cameron at Queenmary
Cameron highlanders of San Diego County. Queen Mary Games 2016
Band Package
Cameron Highlanders of San Diego.  Costa Mesa 2015
Band Package
Paul Castallanos Of Highland Way in Royal Stewart Kilt

Mickie Shaw (Kilt) and Edward Shaw (Kilt, Fly Plaid). Tartan Ball 2015

Robert McKnight (On Right)

Band Package


Scottish American Military Society of San Diego in their Kilts. Vista Highland Games 2015

Mark LaHaye (Kilt) 2015

 Scottish American Military Society of San Diego.  Tartan Day 2015 in their Kilts.

Dayna Rose (2nd from right) in her Kilt.

Cindy Melcher in Spirit of Scotland Tartan Womens Semi Kilt & Alexa Baranowski in Cameron of Erracht Ancient Colors Kilt,  Seaside highland Games 2015

Devorah Basden (On Right) Womens Semi Kilt, 5 yard Clad Dunbar, Mark LaHaye (2nd From Right) LaHaye Kilt.

Aaron Duncan in Ancient Duncan Kilt, Queen Mary Highland Heavy Athletics 2016

Aaron Duncan in Ancient Duncan Kilt, Queen Mary highland Games

Heavy Athletics 2016

John Lowry (Right) California Tartan Kilt Seaside Games 2012

David Moffett (in middle) in his Traditional Kilt

Patrick Shoemaker in his Strathclyde Tartan Kilt,   Las Vegas Highland Games

Greg MacDonald (First on Left) in his Kilt

Richard King Christmas tree 2014

Richard King, Weathered MacKay Kilt and En Pointe Vest Christmas 2014


Jeremy Swenson, In his new Swedish Tartan Kilt 2013



 Craig Stevens, In MacLachlan Tartan Kilt and Pipers Long Plaid No1 Dress Kit  Las Vegas Highland Games 2014

KM wall 12 2015

Kenneth Misch in his Irish National Kilt and Pipers Long Plaid,  
Las Vegas Police Emerald Society Christmas Parade 2015


Kennith Misch in his Irish National Kilt  Mardi Gras King New Orleans 2015

Clan Cain Irish Tartan Kilt

Clan Cian, Irish Tartan Kilt for Joe Olesky

Alexa Baranowski, Muted Gordon Tartan 

 Joyce Nethery, Friday Night Ball Seaside Highland Games 2015

Tiffany (Middle) and Arthur(Right) Alexander, in a Alexander Tartan Kilts 2013

Arthur Alexander in his Kilt, on left  2013

Kimberly Toscas-Mrkonic in Spirit of Scotland Tartan,

Friday Night  Seaside Highland Games 2015

Andy Scott in his Mykiltmaker Kilt

Rebekah Adams, The Tartan Ball Saint Andrews Society Los Angeles 2016

Tartan Couture

David Moffett Kilt

 Jim & Pam MacAuley, Kilt and Sash


 Alexa Baranowski and Mark Rose Kilt, Queen Mary Highland Games 2015


Pierce Rose Trews, Alexa Baronowski Dress and Mark Rose Kilt at Rabbi Burns Dinner 2015


Kristina Kennedy "Unboxing 1st Sweep Ladies Kilt" 2015

Billy Lang, Susan Rose,   Saturday Night Gala Seaside Highland Games 2013

 Billy Lang in Weathered Red Gordon Kilt, Drummers Plaid and Tartan Flashes  2012

Billy Lang in his Weathered Red Gordon Kilt, 2013 Seaside Highland Games Gala

  Judith Bishop Hostess Skirt, C.M. Novess III in Pipers Plaid and Kilt, at the Queen Mary Highland Games 2016 

 Brooks Wilson in a Red Prince Charlie, and  Friend   2016 


Michael MacFarlane in his Kilt, St Patrick's Day 2012 (Maybe 2013)

Michael MacFarlane & Diana O'Donna, Kilt and Fly Plaid Christmas 2015 Kilt from 1996

Turlach Ur Pipe Band of Iowa 2014  Band Package

  Richard King, in Weathered Mckay Kilt Sept 2015

 Richard King and Cameron Highlanders, 2014

Kilt Packages


 Austin Diepnhorst, In Epic Project attire all provided by

Solo Competitor Package, Tunic

Richard King & Austin Diepenhorst, En Point Vests and Kilts from Mykiltmaker,   Winter Storm 2016


Stephen Tierney, Queen Mary Highland Games 2016

Scottish Custom Kilt Pipe Band Package


Christopher Denneson (Groom)  Kilt 


Shaun MacKay (Groom) in his Kilt.

Worth MacAuley, In MacAuley Hunting Tartan Kilt


John Lowry, In Ancient Gordon Tartan Kilt

James Mounce Groom  (Kilt made in 1996)


Neil Reddick (L) in Modern Graham Tartan & Jonathan Swindle (R) in Modern Rose Tartan Kilt 2015  

Ferb (in Kilt and matching Fly Plaid) & Jeff "Swampy" Marsh 2015

 Doorman Lodge at Torrey Pines in his Kilt 2014

Craig Stevens, In Binder Tartan Kilt, Flashes and Pipers Long Plaid
at Vista Highland Games 2015


Craig Stevens, In Trews "Rose Hunting Tartan"

The Queen Mary Highland Games 2015


Evan MacKay & Shaun MacKay in MacDonald of the Isles Hunting Tartan Kilts  2015

C.M. Novess III, Kilt and Fly Plaid  Fall 2015

Judith Bishop, in a Hostess Skirt and Sash Fall 2015

Keith & Susan MacDonald in a Kilt and Kilt Skirt

Preston Rose Sr. in a En Point Rose Hunting Tartan Vest

Pink Flashes

Pink Flashes for Breast Cancer Awareness