Custom Tartan Nutcrackers


A unique nutcracker custom made from your tartan.*

Our Authentic Scottish Tartan Nutcrackers have 2 price ranges.
Standard for $150.
Personalized $250.

For Personalized Nutcrackers we interview the client then design on with pins attached to their body, change their hair color, make it bald, female, ballerina/dancer, etc. We can match your own kit, or a style of Drum Major of your choice. The pins on the Nutcracker are custom to each individual. Clan Crests, Hobbies, Branch of Service, etc. We have even made a one of a kind astronaut nutcracker. Feel free to reach out with special ideas.

*Due to the small amount of cloth needed we can only use Special Weaves that are already in stock. (ie if you order a custom weave kilt, it will be no trouble to make a nutcracker from the tartan.)