Plaid, Piper's Long


4 Yards in Length, with 6 inches of hand purled fringe on both ends.  Pleated to the predominate color of your set. (Link to: Tartan Lists)

Hand made by a Master Kiltmaker in San Diego, CA.

The Body of the Plaid Material is to be even with top edge spat, with the Purling to then hang down past top edge of the back of Spat. The Pipers Long Plaid is to then wrap around your chest and over your left shoulder terminating in a Piper's Knot. This is for your Number 1 Dress Doublet, not a Prince Charlie or Shirt Sleeve. See Link: RROS for Dress Regulations

A Standard 4 yard Pipers Long Plaid is for a 5'10" Height. Chest measurement 49" or under. 


  • Chests over 49" + $75  

  • Height 6'0" and above +$75 


    Link to: Tartans List

    Link to: Doublets