Hose (Piper's Bubble Top)


Bubble Top Piper's Kilt Hose -

Our Kilt Hose are available in a variety of colors so as to match any tartan. 

Comfortable to wear and durable, they will be a perfect finishing touch along with the kilt flashes.

These Pipers Hose are a favorite with Pipe Bands. They have the Triple Fold Cuff for a Thicker Calf Look. These Bubble Top Hose come in 10 different colors to accent a wide range of Tartans. Kilt Hose are available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and XLarge. These Kilt Hose are machine washable. Depending on the Tartan of your Kilt that you are wearing, the correct choice of hose color can really help accent your kilt for you. 

Sizing Note: They run generous, choose accordingly.

  • Small:      5 - 8 Men's
  • Medium: 9 -11 Men's
  • Large:   12 -14 Men's
  • XLarge 15 - 17 Men's (Special Order)

Made in UK