Drummer's Plaid


Drummer's plaid (AKA Belted Plaid) is a dramatic addition to your kit worn over the left shoulder. The 6" Fringe is hand purled; taking over 16 hours to create the rope type fringe. The Drummer's Plaid is made from 2.5 yards and is highly constructed. It is the most constructed item behind the Kilt. This is due to the fact that it is belted on and then folded over and worn over the left shoulder. This Plaid has a definite; Top and Bottom, Front and Back. Most lower cost Drummers Plaids have a error in that the pleating is on the same side as the Top/Front. This is in error as it is Belted on, then Folded up and over the shoulder.

Length starts at Two and a Half Yards. Plaid can be made longer for customers taller than 6' or per special request. 

We here at Mykiltmaker.com know the difference and make sure it is correctly made. The Bottom/Inside needs to match the Left side Pleating on your Kilt. This is why we ask for a picture of the Kilt it is to match. This is so we get it right.

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