Fly Plaid with Purled Fringe


A dramatic plaid worn over your left shoulder to help complete a sophisticated look. Fly Plaid with Purled Fringe is worn only in formal occasions with your dress Jacket.  Fly Plaid with Purled Fringe is for civilian formal occasions. Originally part of a unconstructed great kilt the modern interpretation is great in helping the gentleman stand out in the modern age.  The fringe is a hand purled rope type fringe. The hand twisting of the fringe takes 16 hours of care by a Master Kiltmaker to give your plaid its distinctive historically accurate look.

Plaid length starts at 45" for customers up to 6', and is made longer for above 6' or per request.

Comes in the tartan of your choice to match your kilt.  

Up to 6' standard pricing, 6'1" and above +$75.

Link to: Tartan Mill Listing