Kilt Sporran, Band Fur Sporran


In the early days of the highland regiments the fur sporran was a simple and useful purse (“Sporran” is Gaelic for Purse) made of goatskin or Leather. After Napoleonic wars sporran became more elaborate with metal top (Cantle) and decorative Tassels. Today, there are many types of Sporran. Leather, Day Wear, Semi Dress, Dress, Pipers Sporran, Hair…Military. While, the military/Pipe Bands have hard rules for when and where Hair Sporran are worn (See Link) Civilian rules are a bit more relaxed. Depending on where and when you wear your Kilt, a Day wear/Leather Sporran should be worn to the Games and Dress/Fur Sporrans should be worn to more formal occasions. 

Band Fur Hire Sporran. Available in dark bovine, Polished Cantle, Three Tassels.  Sporran Strap Sold Separately.    

Great for Band / Solo Competition.

Sporran Straps sold separately 
Made in Scotland