Blog #33 Set of the Pleats, A Facebook exchange

From a recent Facebook exchange....

Susan Rose

Todd's Kilt, pleats being set in.

 pleats being set



J'aime  Susan...where did you learn to do this? It's remarkable to watch.

Susan Rose Well as Scots are engineers, we have brains that can take a kilt apart and see how it is constructed. A 5 year apprenticeship is not available here in the USA. I would get Kilt repairs in, open it up and see what caused it to fail. I took fastidious notes in Scottish Kiltmakers and the reasons their specific kilts failed. Took me about 4 years if doing this as a full time Kilt repair person, to figure out only the very best technics for Kiltmaking. I hold very close to those technics, I am told by many I am now extremely good at it as my kilts do not fail.

J'aime I think this is fantastic!

Pam  Amen to your flawless expertise and talent to construct the most beautiful kilts! You are awesome!

Mary  and by fastidious notes, she means novellas at a minimum on each portion, totally epic novels as a whole. copious is an understatement and it shows in every discussion over all things kilts.

Susan Rose There are 2 words set and sett. To set pleats is ironing in of the pleat. A sett is the pattern of the Tartan, from repeat to repeat.

Susan Rose The sett is from the center of the white line to the center of the next white line.

sett of the tartan


Carrie Thanks! I love seeing your work

Melinda Ferb says he doesn't recognize the tartan, but he knows the owner is going to be very, very happy.

July 28, 2016 — Susan Rose

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