Blog 32:  Winter is Coming! Now Stocking "Band Special Rain Capes"
Yes, it's the middle of July and Summer Time.  But for those who are going to the Worlds in Edinburgh next month, those in area's with Monsoon Flow or just plain Summer Showers.  No Reason to Get your Kit soaked! We are proud to announce we are stocking the finest Rain Capes for Pipe Bands Made!

Best Price in the US! $75.00 

Mister Anthony Rain Capes have been the choice of bands for 35 years. 

 Terry Lee in Bandspec Rain Cape

“The BANDSPEC cape is by far the best raincape we at the SFU Pipe Band have ever worn. The quality of fabric, attention to detail and overall comfort make it second-to-none. This plus staying dry at all times ! “

Piper Major Terry Lee (Retired)
Simon Fraser University


Band Spec Rain Cape Details Photo

This Cape is Loaded with features!  Take note of the non-slip patch under the left arm, Drumstick and Glengarry Pouches.  Most importantly The Band Special Rain Cape is woven from Superior Quality Oxford Weave Polyester Material.  Why is this important?  It Breathes.  You will not feel like you are wearing a giant trash bag over your Kit!  

non slip patch for bagpipesDrum Stick PouchGlengarry Detail on Raincape

Left:  Detail of the Non-Slip patch. Center: Drumstick Pouch. Right: Glengarry Pouch



Handy Storage pouch that is INCLUDED!  Compare to other retailers selling Storage pouches separately.  

Optional Rain Hood for Rain Cape

Optional Hood


We are now stocking sizes Medium through XXL.  X Small and Small are available with a slightly longer lead time as a special order. 


Drummers!   We have you covered! Drum Head Rain Covers are available too!

Drum Rain Cover

$30 US and you protect your expensive Drum.  



July 14, 2016 — Sean Barrett

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