College of Piping Summer School 2016 had the opportunity to film the Thursday Night Performance of the College of Bag Piping.  
College of Bagpiping
College of Piping Summer School  2016 (Third Performance)

The California Summer School of Piping and Drumming offers intensive instruction by professional instructors in each discipline. The school is open to all ages and to all levels of skill from beginners to competition players. Each student is placed in a class of 6-8 students within their level of experience and skill level. Optional classes are offered in the afternoon, such as pipe band techniques, bagpipe and reed maintenance, and piobaireachd.

Most evenings we will have a lecture by one of the instructors followed by a recital by another instructor.

The Army and Navy Academy is a military prep school during the regular school year. Its campus is located on beachfront property in the beautiful resort town of Carlsbad, in North San Diego County. -From Main Page
Opening: Bruce Hitchings
Opening with the Drummers
Opening: Bruce Hitchings
Instructor: Aaron Shaw (Wicked Tinkers)
Opening: Bruce Hitchings
Instructor: Iain Macy
Opening: Bruce Hitchings
Instructor: Ross Naismith
Opening: Bruce Hitchings
Instructor: Colin Armstrong
Final All Student Performance
June 28, 2016 — Sean Barrett

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