Machine Sewn Kilt 8 Yard, Made in USA

Machine Sewn Kilt 8 Yard, Made in USA

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The Machine Sewn Kilt is competitively priced and is a combination of sewing machine and hand sewn work done in our San Diego Shop. This Scottish Bargain Priced Kilt starting with 8 full yards has the look of a traditional kilt while using modern technology to save labor time which lowers the price.  This is the Kilt worn by most Scottish Pipe Bands.  The Scottish Bargain Priced Kilt has; three buckles and straps, two belt loops. This Kilt does have interfacing and full canvas lining. 

Link to Tartan Options: Complete Mill List

Sizing: 8 yard (Seat -46"), 9 yard (Seat 47-54), 10 yard (55-60)

Weight: 10 oz, 13 oz, 16 oz

Link to: How Size yourself Chart

Link to: Mykiltmaker Sizing Form


*Made to order, non-returnable

Certain Old & Rare Tartans require a fee to be specially woven by the Mills in Scotland. If your choice of tartan falls under this category you will be notified before the order moves forward.