Kilt, 8 Yard Wool (Hand Made/Machine Sewn)


This traditional machine sewn kilt is a combination of sewing machine and hand sewn work done by the Finest Master Kiltmaker in our San Diego Shop. 

The Chieftain Kilt uses modern technology to save labor time which lowers the price. This is the Kilt worn by most Scottish Pipe Bands.  The Chieftain has; three buckles and straps, two belt loops. This Kilt does have interfacing and full canvas lining. 

Link to Tartan Options: Complete Mill List

Sizing: 8 yard (Seat -46"), 9 yard (Seat 47-54"), 10 yard (55-60") An extra $75 per yard will be invoiced if you need a 9 or 10 yard kilt.

Weight: 10 oz, 13 oz, 16 oz

Link to: How Size yourself Chart

Link to: Mykiltmaker Sizing Form

En Pointe Vest, Braemar Tweed Coat, Brooch, Hose, Sporran and Fly Plaid not included.

*Made to order, non-returnable

Certain Old & Rare Tartans require a fee to be specially woven by the Mills in Scotland. If your choice of tartan falls under this category you will be notified before the order moves forward.